Buy With Confidence: Your Favourite Binatone Is Now Doubly Assured
17 JAN, 2015

Buy with confidence: your favourite binatone is now doubly assured


Globally renowned appliances and electrical goods brand Binatone, today launched its 2-Year Warranty in Ghana. A household brand best known for its Consumer Appliances, Cooling Technologies and Power Solutions, Binatone was amongst the first few brands to provide product warranties to its customers. Now this assurance has been doubled as the British brand has decided to provide a standard 2 Year Warranty on all its products, with Ghana chosen as its first African market to launch the same.

“Binatone came into existence in 1958 in the United Kingdom as a result of our desire to meet the modern lifestyle needs of customers”, expressed Mr. Sunil Lalvani: Group MD and Global CEO of Binatone. Over the past 40 years Binatone has been actively present in Africa and through this experience it understands how much African customers value a product-warranty. “By doubling our warranty period, we are paying heed to our customer’s needs, all the while demonstrating the faith we have in our products”, continued Mr. Lalvani.

With operations in more than 20 countries in Africa alone, Binatone is truly a global brand. Combining latest manufacturing technologies, modern designs and cutting-edge technologies, the innovative brand continues to touch millions of lives through its products. Having sold more than 100 million products across Africa by the end of 2014, the brand continues to stay close to its markets and customers, paying close attention to the rapidly changing lives and behaviours of its customers.

Ghana: the gateway to Africa

Africa and indeed Ghana is rapidly urbanising and Ghanaians are upgrading their lives to match this. The mix of products customers choose from Binatone is also widening. The most popular Binatone products in Ghana today being various models of Stand Fans – with and without remote controls, Rechargeable Fans, Heavy duty Stand Fans, Wall Fans, Orbit Fans, a wide variety of Ceiling Fans, Digital Voltage Regulators of different capacities, Rice Cookers, Blenders with Grinders, Steam and Dry irons, Gas Cookers, Chest Freezers, Refrigerators, and Water Dispensers etc. This wide product penetration shows us that more Ghanaians are choosing convenience and efficiency in their lives than ever before.

“We are seeing unprecedented changes in how people manage their work-life balance. Customers are rethinking their purchases and not spending their hard-earned money on cheap or fake products. All the while opting for trusted and tested products from brands Binatone. As we intend to cater to these needs even further, we believe Ghana is the perfect market to understand our African customer better while also being the gateway for us to succeed in Africa. We have a strong presence here and this is the reason we are launching our 2-Year Warranty in Ghana first”, added Mr. Lalvani. “It has taken us a long time to earn the positioning we enjoy today, as a global brand providing affordable-quality”, said Mr. Venu Babu: MD of Binatone’s regional distributor Inter World Products Ltd. “With the new warranty coming into effect from the 1st of February, we are confident we will be able to further strengthen our positioning by offering more value to customers. Customers will be able to identify this through new branding that will appear on Binatone’s packaging material. New warranty cards will also be issued to customers and those products sold earlier but having valid warranties will also be included under this new warranty.”

Binatone associates its success in Ghana and in Africa to its focus on Quality, Durability, Affordability and Customer-centric innovations. These retail and wholesale partners have also pledged to support this bold step and shall carry in-store and signboard branding for customers to identify where they can avail the 2 Year Warranty.

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