This gourmet machine from Binatone is a multi-functional appliance that will add greatly to your kitchen with options ranging from mincing, chopping, and pounding to whipping and stirring.

Multifunctional machine - does everything from boiling, steaming

Large capacity food grade 3L stainless steel bowl with attachabel blade

Variable speed, temperature and time control

1000W heating power with electronic sensor for fast and accurate temperature control

This product is perfect for the enthusiastic cook with its range of features. It has a 100W heating power, a large 3-liter capacity and a 500 W motor with 12 different speed settings. The heater cooks your food to the precise temperature from 20 to 120 degrees and the motor helps you cut, chop, mix, stir or make dough all to fit your recipes. It comes with 3-liter stainless steel bowl, steamer tray and 90 ml measuring cup, a spatula, and a butterfly stirring attachment.
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