Binatone’s industrial digital regulator makes for a powerful voltage stabilizer that offers full protection and controlled circuit for safe operation.
Capacity 5000 VA (max) Automatic 6 seconds count down
Accurate Output Regulation Output stability 97%

Input : 120Vac~260Vac

Output 230V~50Hz

Advanced CPU Control Circuit

6s default delay time, 180s if “Delay” mode is selected

This industrial model has a maximum capacity of 10KVA. For an input of 120 Vac – 260 Vac, it offers an output of 230 V- 50 Hz. The advanced CPU control unit helps in accurate output regulation and an output stability of 97%. It offers an automatic 6-second countdown with 6 seconds default delay time which can be modified to 180 seconds. The full protection design allows it to be used at high or low voltage, high temperature, and short circuit.