Prepare a piping hot meal of steamed vegetables that’s healthy and nutritious, without using any oils or fats. This quality product gives you both the option to cook your food and keep it warm.

Peace of mind never looked so good.

Basket for Steaming

Removable non stick rice bowl

The rice cooker and steamer RCSG 1805 is your perfect partner if you are on a journey toward a healthier lifestyle, and a healthier you in general. The total available capacity of the RCSG 1805 is 1.8 litres, and the rice cooker RCSG 1805 has an operating power of 650 watts. It comes a non-stick rice bowl, and also has the ability to keep food warm once it is cooked until ready to be served. It contains a basket for healthy steaming, which can also be used to steam vegetables and meat, apart from just rice.
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