Enjoy healthy family dinners cooked with ease with this large 2.8 liter cooker and steamer. Cooking generous amounts of rice is super easy with the removable non-stick rice bowl provided and an output of 950 watts.

Peace of mind never looked so good.

Basket for Steaming

Removable non stick rice bowl

The rice cooker and steamer RCSG 2805 is what every health conscious person requires in their lives and in their kitchens to live a truly healthy life, absolutely effortlessly. With a capacity of 2.8 litres, you can now cook healthier dishes for the entire family at the same time. The rice cooker and steamer RCSG 2805 operates at a power of 950 watts, and has the added ability to keep your food warm even once it is cooked. It comes with a non-stick rice bowl for your rice grains, as well as a basket to enable you to steam vegetables and pieces of meat as well.
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