With this smoother gliding-steam iron from Binatone, You will never have to worry about getting burnt with the super glide ceramic soleplate that ensure that you get the best possible finish on your clothes. 

Peace of mind never looked so good.

Water Spray

Strong burst of steam for stubborn crease removal

Super glide ceramic non-stick soleplate

Self-clean function

The Binatone SMOOTHER GLIDING – STEAM IRON is a versatile steam iron with 2000W motor and super glide ceramic soleplate for smoother and non-stick ironing. The water tank capacity is 300ml, which means that you can stay longer in the water without worrying about running out of steam. Self-clean function for greater convenience ensures that the iron remains in good condition for longer. The fine water spray evenly moistens the fabric for easy ironing with less effort. 
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