The New Binatone Cubis Blender
20 NOV, 2014

The New Binatone Cubis Blender

A Story Of How Our Customers Helped Inspire The Stunning Yet Simplistic Design

Globally renowned appliances and electrical goods brand Binatone, has just welcomed the newest addition to its impressive product line up. The Cubis blender, a product that stands out for its stunning design, ergonomic functionality and efficient blending. The best part, its customers were involved with its design.

Mr. Sunil Lalvani, Group Managing Director and Global Chief Executive Officer of Binatone, had this to say about the product “We have always placed our customers at the heart of our products. With the Cubis Blender, we’ve demonstrated just what we mean by this.”

The design process for Cubis was kept very organic. This meant, it began from the perspective of the customer, focusing on what’s frustrating among existing blenders, and what customers are ultimately looking for. After countless hours of customer research, Binatone discovered the main problem was the connection of the jug to the base. It’s tedious to find the correct orientation to lock the jug in place, especially when in a hurry. One of the main focus points of Cubis is to allow consumers to affix the jug quickly and easily – even with their eyes closed!

This is achieved by a new locking mechanism, where the user can place the jug into the base at any rotation, and it automatically aligns itself into place. This problem-solving philosophy is present throughout the design of Cubis.

Mr. Lalvani continued, “We’ve seen many different blenders on the market. Only the high-end models tend to have a smart design. This was the driving force behind Cubis. We believed that stunning design should be accessible and available to all. We’ve demonstrated this through Cubis. A perfect harmony between beautiful design, functionality and affordability.”

But it’s not just the looks that make the Cubis blender stand out. There’s intelligence in its design, too. A square-shaped jug is more efficient at blending food, because the slower-moving liquid in the corners mixes better with the faster-moving liquid in the centre. Also, the flow of food in a square-shaped jug is more than in a circular one, resulting in a better combination of ingredients.

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