Uninterrupted Power System Series UPS-1200

Add this Uninterrupted Power System to your daily living and ensure long-life to your precious appliances and gadgets.

Built in automatic voltage protection

Audible alarm to give the indication of main supply fail

Battery recharge time : 8 hours up to 90% capacity

Cool start function

This Uninterrupted Power System is the ideal device designed to supply power-backup to precious gadgets and appliances during various harmful power fluctuations and power cut-offs. These units are designed such that the main circuit is controlled by a microprocessor. Designed to ensure 100% protection, this device is armed with overload and output short circuit protection, battery over discharge protection, built in automatic voltage protection and audible alarm if the main supply fails. With a capacity of 1200VA, this heavy-duty machine has a recharge time of 8 hours with 90% capacity and also works on generator. . Binatone is committed to bringing you innovative, affordable and well-designed products that add value to your life.
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