With automatic thermostat technology and powerful heating and cooling power compressors, now get water at any temperature you want, with this water dispenser from Binatone.

Auto thermostat

Stainless steel inner tank

Refrigerator with ice box

Peace of mind never looked so good.

90W Cooling Power

Auto Thermostat

500W Heating Power

Refrigerator with ice box

This effective cooler is fitted with stainless steel water tanks having an impressive water holding capacity. State of the line compressors allows cooling and heating at productive rate-10 degrees cooling for 1.5L per hour and 85 degrees heating for 5L per hour. The dispenser also comes with a refrigerator ice box, allowing you to enjoy your summer drinks. Coming equipped a safety child lock on the hot water tap, overcurrent protection, and anti-bacterial plastic parts, it guarantees the safety of your children.

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