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Over the last 60 years, Binatone has been spreading convenience, ease and value across homes in 4 continents and 75 countries. At Binatone, we have always strived to identify trends and answer consumer needs with unique, affordable and well-designed products.

Kettle CEJ-1780

The innovation in this kettle is an added bonus to its otherwise unique design. It is sure to add comfort to your kitchen and also comes handy when you’re stumped with work and deadlines to beat

Electric Cooking Plate ECP-210

Revolutionize your kitchen with Binatone’s dual table top electric plate cooker. It not only adds functionality to your kitchen but also comes in dazzling white.

Tower Fan TF-5000M

Here’s a tower fan that you’ll fall in love with instantly. Not only does it feature top of the line air delivery, but doubles as a multi input digital music system, all the while being deliciously designed in red, charcoal, and grey.

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