Rechargeable Stand Fans RCF-1855

The BINATONE RCF-1855 rechargeable stand fan can operate for up to 10 hours without AC power, thanks to its in-built and fully replaceable AGM Battery, which guarantees you
clean fresh coolness all day long.

SKU: 544026221


Beat the heat, year round
Literally anywhere!

The BINATONE RCF-1855 rechargeable stand fan can operate anywhere you want – enabling you to beat the heat - anytime, any place, anywhere !

Cord or Cordless
– It’s your choice!

You can operate the RCF-1855 cordlessly, on DC battery for total freedom & convenience or connect the cord to an AC wall outlet.


Blackout? No sweat!
We got you covered!

The ‘set it and forgot it’ control system allows you to select the desired speed for the best comfort. The RCF-1855 will continue operating no matter if the AC power supply stays on or off !

The built-in battery provides 5-10 hours continued comfort (depending on speed selected)

No AC power, no worries ? Sweet dreams !

You can operate it cordlessly using the built-in DC battery - just about anywhere!
RCF-1855 – enabling your sweet dreams!

Superior Air Flow

With a large 18” (436mm) fan it provides comfort, convenience and ease of use, providing superior air flow from the high efficiency fan blade.

Charge on a
Solar Panel

Packed with additional features to provide convenience and comfort – the RCF-1855 can also be charged from a solar panel. It also includes a USB socket to keep all your devices charged.

Remote Control & Built-in Timer

With the handy remote control, you command cool breezes from the comfort of your couch & the built in timer allows you to auto switch off and save power.

Simple & quick assembly
No tools necessary!

Designed for simple & quick assembly – no tools necessary. Enabling you to enjoy the cool comfort as quickly as possible.

Full up-to-down

The head swing feature allows the room to be swept with the cool breeze automatically.

Air Freshener & Mosquito Repellent

With the BINATONE ‘Air Freshness” system built-in - the RCF-1855 helps keep your room smelling fresh or can be used to help repel mosquitos.

Low Noise Operation

The silent & breezy operation means minimal disturbance for a comfortable sleep for all members of the family.

Brushless DC motor technology

The BINATONE RCF-1855 brushless DC motor technology ensures a long life of quiet & smooth operation plus the advantage of energy-saving

Versatile vertical height adjustment to meet your needs

Min 1.2m

Max 1.5m



  • Long-life powerful rechargeable fan
  • Includes replaceable 12V 6.5Ah AGM battery
  • 9 speed fan with 9 hour timer
  • USB for charging mobile devices (DC 5V I 000mA)
  • DC input socket - charge from solar panel
  • Overcharge & over-discharge protection
  • Remote Control Operation
  • Adjustable height & oscillation (max height I .5m)
  • Charging, battery state & operation indicators
  • Built-in LED night light
  • Charging time - 6-8 hours
  • Battery duration (fully charged):
    • Up to 5 hours / high speed
    • Up to 10 hours/ low speed
  • AC I00-240V 50Hz 1.2A MAX